Real Texas Flight Attendant Strips and Masturbates For Her Husband and His Poker Buddies

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I am a proud Texas Latina and a flight attendant for a major US Air Line. But what you wouldn't know from your flight with me is that I am also an addicted exhibitionist.

My husband knows this and has, for the most part, supported me in acting out my exhibitionist fantasies on my airline layovers. I told him early on in our relationship that I had an exhibitionist compulsion, one that I'd had for many years going back to my early teens.

In fact, the first time I masturbated while being watched was in the month that I turned fourteen when I undressed and masturbated in the basement bedroom of a college boy who was the brother of a girlfriend of mine. I was both excited and nervous but I found it so exhilarating that when he later asked me if I would masturbate for his roommate, I didn't hesitate to say, "Yes!". That went so well that I eventually did it for two of his other friends. I became addicted to the thrill of being watched. It was a compulsion, an undeniable need, and, with nothing but encouragement and support, instead of looking for a cure, I learned to embrace it.

I'll always remember, even though I didn't understand it at the time, how much these boys said they liked watching virgin pussy being masturbated to climax, especially the way I finished myself off, uninhibitedly fast-fingering my clit into explosively intense orgasms, my body arching, writhing and moaning. They would compliment me by saying that I was sensual beyond my years, even more than most college girls! So I remained a virgin for years because of it.

So I told my husband, my boyfriend at the time, that I wasn't willing to give up my exhibitionist acting out, not even in a marriage. He claimed he understood, best he could anyway, and continues to try but he does have his jealous moments.

So maybe I shouldn't have been surprised when he came to me one day and said he had been talking to a friend of his who owns a machine shop just north of the San Antonio airport about having an after-work party and he wanted me to go.

I said, "It sounds to me like an all guys type of party. Why do you want me there?"

He said, "Because, my exhibitionist wife, we want you to be the entertainment."

"So you told him about your exhibitionist wife, did you?" I said, half in jest but serious enough that he had to reply.

He answered, "Well I didn't go into detail except to say that you are uniquely sexual and, yes, that you are a bit of an exhibitionist."

So he and I talked about it and I decided to go for two compelling reasons. First, it was different from the usual way I act out my fantasy in that it would involve not one man but a group of men which, when I've been lucky enough to arrange it, has been a lot of fun. The second reason, which was no doubt driven by guilt on my part, was that my husband obviously wanted to be part of what I do in my fantasy life when I'm flying. And when I thought about it, I realized that it might even be good for our relationship. So I really should not have been all that surprised when he suggested that I act out my fantasy closer to home where he could be a part of it.

But the machine shop party didn't go exactly as I had imagined in that it involved, for me, a first-time involuntary bondage experience. What happened was that after I danced and stripped, several guys picked me up and laid me on top of a cork-board surfaced work table. I wasn't expecting this but I liked their idea as it seemed like a good place for them to watch me masturbate.

But their activity continued which was when the bondage part was introduced. They put straps around my ankles and then attached weighted cables to them. Then they backed up and waited. I looked at my husband who just shrugged his shoulders basically saying he wasn't part of this obviously planned twist of events. So I decided to let it play out.

I took it as a challenge and, at first, was able to resist the pull of the weight on my ankles but the steady force slowly overpowered my eventually strained and quivering thigh muscles giving me no choice but to give in and watch my legs go spread eagle, followed by the Spanish dirty talk describing my very bared ass and pussy. Apparently having no more say in how I was going to perform, it wound up being the position in which I masturbated for them.

A couple of weeks after that unique machine shop experience, my husband asked me if I would consider acting out a gang rape fantasy. He wanted to invite his poker buddies.

I just looked at him and said, “What’s happening to your fantasy mind? That's a lot more than doing a strip show."

I stared at him and waited but his expression did not change. "You’re serious aren’t you?”

In a rather business-like tone, he reminded me that we’d talked about it after I stripped and masturbated for him and his poker buddies one night after I arrived home from a trip. He asked if I remembered how erotic and fun that evening was for all of us, me included.

I said, "Yes, I remember it vividly," as I recalled the details.

After I had come home from a trip, I put my bags by the stairs that my husband, Stan, would kindly carry up later. He had already poured me a shot of my usual fantasy releasing Tequila as he knows it is the elixir that quickly puts me into an exhibitionist mood. He said he had really missed me and asked me to come in and spend some time with him and his friends. I was going to first change clothes but he asked me not to. Stan likes that I'm his stewardess wife and I think he wanted to show me off in my uniform. What I didn't realize at the time was just how much!

After I drank the Tequila, it wasn’t too difficult for him to persuade me to do more than just say hello, plus, for whatever reason, I always come home in a very sexual mood in anticipation of dancing and stripping for my husband, which he loves, and is perfect for me because I love to dance both clothed and naked.

When I arrive home from a trip we d

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Notes A real flight attendant and exhibitionist is enticed by her husband when she arrives home to dance in her uniform for his poker buddies. Loosened by a shot of Tequila and encouraged by her audience, she strips nude and masturbates to an explosive orgasm. After she falls asleep on the ottoman, her husband shows off her pussy to the guys.
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