Working Overtime

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It was 7:30 on a Friday night and Paul was still at the office. He had intended to leave by 5:00 today, but as happened all too often he was still working. His friend was expecting him at a party later tonight, with lots of girls -- Paul was in the middle of a dry-spell and his friends were trying to get him out of it -- but he wasn't in the mood to try and get laid. Paul went walking around his office floor, trying to clear his head a bit. He noticed a cubicle light on. He hadn't expected anyone else in his company to be at work still. He looked over. It was that girl. He didn't know her, had just seen her around the office and couldn't help but stare at her tits and ass everytime he saw her. Her clothing just seemed to always fit her body perfectly. He didn't even know her name, as he had never worked with her. He probably should know her name, he was the Vice-President of the company after all. He looked at the name tag above her desk; "Claire." He said it outloud, under his breath, at least he thought. The girl turned her head and their eyes met for a second. "Hi." Paul said, raising his right hand as if to wave. She just smiled back at him and Paul quickly returned to his office with his mind racing. "We're all alone" he thought. This was his chance, did he blow it? Did he look like an idiot? "Don't worry," he said to himself. "She probably did even think anything of it."

Claire could feel her cheeks turning red. "Good thing no one saw that interaction," she thought. "I must have looked like a fool." Claire had worked at her company for 3 years now and had found Paul attractive since she first laid her eyes on him. But he was the Vice-President. She was just a staff accountant. He was 37, she just 26. Even if she had the courage to talk to him, why would he listen to her. She thought about leaving, heading home for the weekend and going out to the club with her girlfriends like she had planned. Maybe find a guy for the night. But the stack of paper on her desk told her she had to stay. "No guy would take me home with them anyways," she thought.

5 minutes later Claire stopped what she was doing. She thought about her situation. She'd spent the last five Fridays at work until 9:00. Consistently working 10-12 hour days over her 3 years at the company. Treated like shit by her boss. What did she have to lose? She hated her job, and would welcome a change, and maybe some time off. "Fuck it," Claire said. She walked into the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. She was wearing tight skinny blue jeans -- her favourite pair. She looked in the mirror at how her jeans contoured her ass. Her white blouse was buttoned up above her tits, so she undid a few until her cleavage appeared. Then she flung her hair up into a bun, took a deep breath, and walked out of the bathroom.

Claire stood so she could see into Paul's office through the floor to ceiling window to the right of the door, which was closed. He was sitting at his desk. He was looking as good as ever. His beard and hair were still looking perfect, as if it were still first thing in the morning. He was wearing a light purple dress shirt with the top button undone and sleeves rolled up. She had seen earlier that he was wearing black dress pants which were relatively tight fitting. She couldn't get a good glance earlier but Claire was sure you could see his bulge in them, she had seen it before. Without really thinking Claire took another deep breath and opened the office door.

"Hi" Claire said nervously. "I didn't get to say it to you earlier when you saw me."

"That's OK." Paul replied. "Hi, again." Paul stared her up and down. He had only really admired Claire's body in passing but now he was able to get a good look at how great it was. She looked amazing and he began to wonder what it was she was doing in his office. "It's Claire right?" Paul asked.

"Yes, that's right," Claire responded, stepping forward to shake Paul's outstretched hand. "I'm sorry for barging in, I know you must be busy, but when I saw you were here and we are all alone and you are really hot and I just..." Claire stopped and put both of her hands to her mouth. Did she just say that outloud? To the VP? Suddenly the thought of being fired wasn't as desirable as before.

"...just wanted to see if I thought you were hot as well?" Paul responded as he got up from his desk and started walking over to Claire. "Well I do," said Paul, his mouth now just inches from Claire's. Paul grabbed Claire's hands and pulled them away from her mouth as he pressed his lips against hers. Claire felt her legs go a little weak and could feel her pussy getting wet with excitement. Paul grabbed Claire's ass with both hands and pulled her body against his. Claire could feel his erection against her body and her pussy began to tingle. This was more than she could have ever expected from coming into Paul's office. Their tongues lashed together feverously within their mouths. Both Claire and Paul had longed for this moment but thought it to be an impossible reality.

Claire had abandoned all nervousness at this point. Still with her lips locked to Paul's she reached down to feel his bulge. She felt his big cock through his pants but it wasn't enough. She fumbled to undue his belt and then the button and fly on his dress pants. In one motion she pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles, revealing his tremendous erection. She pushed him back until he was sitting on the edge of his desk, sending stacks of paper flying, but neither of them cared about that in this moment. She quickly unbuttoned and removed her blouse and then her bra, releasing her large breasts.

"They're so sexy," said Paul, now his cock throbbing for penetration even more. Claire's nipples were hard and her breasts were perky and soft. Paul reached out for them and Claire obliged by moving closer. As he was fondling her tits Claire reached down and began touching Paul's balls, and then

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Notes Claire and Paul were both working late one Friday night. When Claire approaches Paul in his office she has no idea she's about to have the night of her life.
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